There are others who can write about this more eloquently than I can, but pulling your leaders from many walks of life across the spectrum of gender, race, nationality, and even age, is essential to your organization’s survival. Google knows it. So does Apple.

Physics labs contain, in my experience, a cult of old technology. They use outdated tools and outdated practices to write unreliable applications. It is very difficult to make the case for improvements because the appointed leaders are older men whose technology background is completely outdated. The problem is compounded when they continue to hire physicists who follow in these traditions, rather than hiring technology specialists to do the jobs they are trained for. Labs often hire someone with a PhD in physics and a research background to run their computer centers and write their software.

I would like to think that if the labs start putting more women and minorities into director roles, it will generate a more dynamic environment and we will start to see more modern ideas being put into place.

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