Well, folks, this isn’t the post I wanted to be writing.

My employer, Nyla Technology Solutions, is laying off me and two of my coworkers. I am now job-hunting with immediate effect, so to speak.

As a senior software developer, I bring over 25 years of experience in software development and nearly 15 years of experience in teaching graduate and undergraduate-level computer science courses at the university level. I love code, and I love to talk code.

I work and live in southern Virginia, but I am open to remote work with some travel.

Please find me on LinkedIn if you have any interest or if you just want to connect.

And wish me luck!

P.S. I’m attaching more links for the interested head-hunter.

See that pretty resume? My work history and education boiled down to one page, complete with infographics! Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at mike@mikejfromva.com. I’ll be happy to provide one for interested recruiters.

I’m active on StackOverflow and HackerRank as well. If I experience any down time between jobs, I’ll start creating some open-source projects on GitHub and posting the tutorials here. 😄

— Mike J (from VA)

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