Occasionally, I work on papers.

  • IPAC 2015 Paper : A description of the classes, configuration, and objects in the Beam Viewer System at Jefferson Lab.
  • ICALEPCS 2013 Paper : Project description for the Beam Viewer System at Jefferson Lab.
  • Scaling Mathlib on Sun Fire Servers (2005) : Internal document analyzing performance of various benchmarks using different CPU & Memory configurations across various thread placement strategies.
  • Hotviews using OpenGL (2000) : My Master’s Thesis. Straight-up painful to read this now, LOL. 🙂
  • SMP Interconnect Performance (2002) : This was one of the first two conference papers that I worked on in a group. My role in this work was providing the benchmark data. My name gets mentioned in the end.
  • MPI and SunFire Interconnect (2002) : I provided benchmark data for this paper by modifying benchmarks to use first MPI, then OpenMP for parallelization. Both papers I worked on were accepted to conferences. Maybe I was the good luck charm!

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