Matrix Operations in Swift

I recently completed 10 Days of Statistics on HackerRank. Yay!

In the process, I needed some matrix operations for a medium-difficulty problem. And here they are, code style be damned :

That’s the identity matrix popping out at the end, which validates my implementation.

But what’s this? A 60-line method? Uncle Bob would not be pleased.

Comments should not take the place of good variable/method names. Those section comments give clues as to where my methods should be :

Better. Uncle Bob would be proud (or give me credit for trying, anyway).

One more thing : Thanks to StackOverflow user Alexander, I have an even better way to express that pivot loop :

iOS Williamsburg – Swift Basics

Do you want to learn Swift syntax, have fun, and meet an enthusiastic group of developers? Come by the Williamsburg Library at 515 Scotland Street, Williamsburg, VA, on Saturday, August 12, 2017. We will be going over Swift basics. We have many experienced developers who are eager to share tips and help newcomers.

iOS development basics.

Saturday, Aug 12, 2017, 10:00 AM

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